RefEDGE PRO – Vanishing Spray Can (Pack of 6)

  • $99.99
  • Save $13.95

  • The only vanishing spray with the Stand-and-Spray delivery method – no need to bend over to mark the field
  • 3.2 oz
  • A 130 feet of continuous line
  • The selling privileges of this product are limited to Canada. Any order outside of Canada won't be fulfilled


RefEDGE PRO™ is the only vanishing referee spray with the patent pending Stand-and-Spray™ delivery method.  No need to bend over to mark the field anymore – don’t take your eyes off the game.  Our design also warns you when you only have a few sprays left in the can, preventing you from running out in the middle of a critical free-kick.  Paired with our patent pending GRIPCAGE™ holster, RefEDGE PRO™ can’t be beat.  Surprise your school and team with the latest product soccer has to offer.  Let your teams and players feel like world-class players when your referees break out RefEDGE PRO™.  Take your games to the next level.  Our RefEDGE PRO™ 3.2 oz can has its’ own unique UPC barcode and is retail-ready.