Arena - Silicone Bathing Cap
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FINIS - Long floating palms
From $34.95
JR 6-8 (blue / purple)Jr 8-11 (blue / green)Jr 11-1 (blue / orange)1-3 (blue / yellow)3-5 (red / black)5-7 (red / blue)7-9 (red / gray)9-11 (black / red)11-13 (black / navy)13-14 (black / green)
Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 - Women's Swimming Mirror Glasses
$25.95 $29.49 Sale
Black (001)Light Blue (420)Aqua (446)Clear (104)Pink (660)Pink / Blue (518)Pink / Green (674)Blue / Turquoise (437)
Speedo - Silicone Bathing Cap for Long Hair
Black (001)White (100)Silver (040)Blue (420)Pink (660)
Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 - Swimming Mirror Glasses
$25.95 $29.49 Sale
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Leader Stingray JR - Children's swimming glasses
Light blue (CB)Pink / Multi (CTD)Lime Green / Blue (CGB)
Arena - Polyester Bathing Cap
SCAUP - BAY - Swimming Goggles for Kids
Pink / Yellow (PKY)Blue / Green (BL)Green / Blue (GB)
Speedo - Silicone Bathing Cap
Black (001)White (100)Navy (412)Blue (420)Carolina Blue (450)Purple (502)Red (601)Pink (660)Steel blue (430)

Equipment for swimming and other water sports

Do you like to swim or do an activity in the water? Aquatic sports such as swimming have the advantage of being accessible to everyone since we need little equipment to practice them, which makes them cheap sports. And one of the impacts of water on our body and our mind is to provide us with a sense of well-being which makes swimming and water sports, an activity of choice.

In our shop you will find everything you need to practice your aquatic activity for fun or training :

  • Men's and women's swimwear and bikinis
  • Swimming goggles and swim helmets
  • Nose clips and earplugs
  • Fins, paddles and training boards
  • Straps and belts for stationary swimming, Swimming parachute
  • Sweaters, rashguards and shorts
  • Water sports equipment bags

Buy now everything you need to do your physical activity in the water!