At SPORTSNATION.SHOP, we want the equipment not to be a constraint to the practice of sport, whether you are players, goalkeepers or referees, whether your passion is soccer, swimming or even pickleball, and whether you live in the States, in Canada or worldwide.

This is why SPORTSNATION.SHOP's mission is to make accessible the best accessories and sportswear suitable for all levels, for men, women and children..

We cover a wide range of sports, whether for fans or amateur or professional athletes:

  • Water Sports
  • Disc Golf
  • Soccer
  • Pickleball
  • Tennis
  • and more ...

If you have special needs for sports that are not on this list, do not hesitate to write to us at info@sportsnation.shop. We are constantly updating our product catalog to meet the needs of different athletes.

Our brands

We are proud to work with renowned partners to offer you high quality products to ensure you optimal practice of your favorite sport. Here are some of the brands you can find on the site:

To contact us

Our website is continuously updated to provide you with the best possible level of service. We also have a FAQ page (click here) which answers the questions we receive most often. However, if you wish to get in touch with us, we invite you to do so by email.

Email: info@sportsnation.shop

If you wish to inquire about possible partnership, we invite you to consult the section below.

Your partner of choice

Over time, we have focused our offer to meet the specific needs of sports clubs and associations. More often than not run by volunteers, these clubs take advantage of our expertise in the field of equipment. With SPORTSNATION.SHOP, these clubs can:

  • Have an online store fully personalized
  • Benefit from a wide range of products bearing the club's image
  • Take advantage of a wide selection of high quality products for their activities
  • Offer their members privileged access to equipment that meets their needs, whether they are novices or elites

If you would like to get in touch with us to look at the possibility of a partnership, please fill out email us at info@sportsnation.shop with the mention "Partnership" and all the information you think is important to include.

To allow you a better visualization of our personalized shops, we have prepared an example called "MyClub" for the following types:

Our team

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Raphael Vaillancourt


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Gilles Vaillancourt

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Would you like to join our team? We are currently seeking personnel for the following positions:

Please send your curriculum vitae and a cover letter by email to info@sportsnation.shop with, in subject, the name of the desired position.

Our policies

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