SportCount LP200 - Length Counter and Stopwatch


The SportCount 200 is our top model.

It is a great choice for competitive athletes, coaches and runners who want to record multiple lap times.

Ideal for marathon runners, triathletes, serious swimmers and anyone who wants to review turn-based workouts. (90002)

Red color


  • During your workout, it provides instant feedback on the number of laps, split time and total elapsed time.
  • After your workout, the Performance Summary displays the total number of laps completed, total elapsed time, fastest, slowest and average lap times, and up to 200 individual lap times.
  • Use the Pause feature anytime during your workout without losing timing statistics.
  • The adjustable band fits comfortably and securely to any finger size.
  • Waterproof, lightweight and durable - comes with a one year warranty.