TYR Hydrofoil - Ankle Training Float

$9.98 $24.95
  • A unique design that adapts perfectly to the ankles
  • Circular cuffs lock the ankles so they won't slip
  • Provides leg flotation for a targeted upper body workout

Train hard, train smart with the Hydrofoil ankle float. It is specially designed for core development and strength training, as it forces the swimmer to tighten their abs and lower muscles to maintain proper positioning and shape.

This innovative design features easy-to-slip circular holes that fit snugly around the ankles to prevent the risk of slipping. Depending on which side you're wearing, this TYR ankle float offers two different levels of resistance. When the flatter size is facing your knees (TYR logo is facing up), the resistance is greater. When the curved side is facing your knees (the TYR logo is upside down), resistance is reduced.

Small size - Designed for swimmers who weigh 155 lbs and under

Size Large - Designed for swimmers who weigh 155 lbs and over