RG Aversa - Goalkeeper gloves - Pink / Black / White

  • Palm: 4mm of Giga Grip German Latex (+ 3mm internal padding) on a Negative Hybrid - Roll cup and a double wrapped thumb for maximum contact surface. New wrapped palm that extends across the back of the hand. Special Feature: FIX FIT Technology that provides a tight and defined feel of the hand inside the glove. It does not allow the hand to move inside the glove.
  • Back of the hand: New 3D embossed natural latex with +3 mm internal padding. Special Feature: 3D Rubber Boxer Surface from RG, designed for strength and security on the contact area while hitting the ball far.
  • Body: Breathable PU material provides maximum flexibility and comfort while allowing the hand to breathe inside the glove.
  • Wrist Closure: White wrist strap with double elastic envelope on an elastic bandage 8 cm wide. Special Feature: The RG rubber tongue at the end of the closure helps prevent erosion of the strap when keepers put on or take off the glove.