RG Tuanis - Goalkeeper gloves - Multi

  • Palm: Negative cut, for excellent contact with the ball, 4mm Giga Grip German Latex with 3mm internal padding. Doubly wrapped thumb. Fix Fit.
  • Back of Hand: Pinhole Body mesh makes this glove soft and elastic, with the upper part of the glove ending on 4mm latex. The perfectly positioned rubber boxing surface offers a large boxing area for all goalies.
  • Body: On our new Pinhole Mesh for better fit, elastic, soft breathable, wrinkle-free, natural, anti-bacterial, Hygroscopic (quick-drying fabric).
  • Wrist closure: Elastic, double wrist circumference, on an elastic band 8 cm wide. The rubber tongue at the end of the zipper helps prevent erosion of the webbing when goalies put on or take off the glove.