Arena Jammer - Men's Swimwear - Black

Arena's team line includes seasonal men's swimsuits for pool practice and frequent swimming. These jammers are premium swimsuits with a polished look. The sheer color is offset by the Arena name in white along the waistline. Get the most out of this long-lasting design.
  • High-end swimsuit
  • Long-lasting MaxLife fabric
  • Material: 100% Polyester
Enjoy the benefits of a top notch swimsuit material. Long-lasting MaxLife fabric has extraordinary chlorine resistance and feels fantastic in and out of the water. Ultra durable and efficient, train in a revolutionary quick-drying textile.

Design + Fit 
Hydrodynamic swimwear for men is what Arena believes in. This model is designed to reduce water resistance and aerodynamic shape. With a length of 45 cm, it covers you from the medium waist to above the knee. Finished with front lining and interior drawstring.