Refsworld - Organizer of referee accessories

  • Closed, it is a small, easily transportable storage 20 x 30 cm ; Open, it turns into a massive panel of 58 x 30 cm .
  • Inside pockets in transparent PVC, making it easy to find your accessories at a glance. Contains enough compartment to store all your tools.
  • The new design is a bit bigger and offers additional padding
  • The "pamphlet style" storage allows you to easily store all your equipment in a safe manner
  • Velcro straps and zippers allow easy access to all compartments.
  • On the reverse, a full-length storage allows you to keep your game sheets as well as your reports
  • Now is the time to put your little plastic dish aside!
  • A quality product from Refsworld.
  • Content not included, only the storage case