Smell Well - Anti-odor and deodorant pouches


The SmellWell are ecological pouches, which absorb moisture and unpleasant odors in all types of shoes as well as in your sports equipment.

They are practical, environmentally friendly and easy to use: just put them in your shoes or in your things and let them act.

  • EFFECTIVE ODOR ELIMINATOR: This natural shoe deodorizer eliminates odors while leaving a fresh scent and acts as an all-in-one moisture absorber.
  • Moisture Absorber: Our Swedish blend of activated carbon and minerals, developed by chemists, absorbs moisture which eliminates the environment where smelly bacteria thrive
  • User-friendly: Place the SmellWell activated carbon odor absorber in shoes, sports equipment, lockers and closets at night and enjoy a pleasant refreshing scent
  • 100% Natural: SmellWell is made from bamboo miso charcoal. Respectful of the environment and your shoes. Place the air purification bags where air can circulate to keep them cool. Lasts up to 6 months
  • Package of two pouches.