Selkirk PRIME S2 - Pickleball Racket



The PRIME S2 racquet has the biggest sweet spot of all Selkirk racquet shapes. If you're looking for pop, power, and surface area, this racquet will make your pickleball dreams come true. Despite its generous size, the PRIME S2 is a midweight racquet that can be easily used in any scenario and handled quickly on the court.

The FiberFlex surface reduces vibrations without losing any of the strength and durability of the face.

The design features a black background with a slightly distressed look and the Selkirk logo in a vibrant color in the center. The name of the paddle is diagonally along the lower right side of the path.

The PRIME S2 racquet is a reliable all-round option that will improve your consistency at all levels.

Colors: blue, green, purple and red.

  • Weight range: 7.4 - 7.9 oz.
  • Handle Circumference: 4 1/4 "(Average) Actual handle sizes may vary up to 1/8".
  • Handle style: perforated outline
  • Handle Manufacturer: Selkirk
  • Handle length: 4 3/4 "
  • Pallet length: 15 3/4 "
  • Pallet width: 8 "
  • Pallet face: FiberFlex (fiberglass)
  • Base material: X4 polymer honeycomb

    X4 HONEYCOMB CORE: A revolutionary, patent-pending thicker polypropylene polymer core that amplifies many performance attributes, such as a larger sweetspot.

    FIBERFLEX COATING: A redesigned surface designed to amplify power and control for the next level of performance.

    IMPROVE MORE SPIN: With ball cushioning technology, players can generate an unparalleled amount of spin. The sleek surface also allows you to defuse the opponent's effects effortlessly and with precision.

    LARGER SWEET SPOT: Discover the largest and most consistent spot from previous generations. When consistency is essential, you'll love discovering the largest, most consistent sweet spot available.