Yonex EZONE JR - Tennis Racket - Blue


The Yonex Ezone Junior tennis racquet brings performance technologies to competitive youth.

The racquet is shorter than the standard adult frame, making it easier to swing for advanced young players.

With the new frame shape of the Quad Power System and NEOFADE vibration absorbing material, the Ezone offers more power and comfort. The shape of the ISOMETRIC head results in an advanced racquet frame design.

With Convention Tennis Racquets, the optimal hitting zone is a normal position at the intersection of the main and cross string. With the Isometric head, the number of transverse and main strings increases, resulting in a larger optimal hitting area (7% more hitting space compared to the traditional racquet head design).

The integrated Power Weight (IPS) system allows weight distribution in a precise position (3 and 9 o'clock) of the frame which gives the face of the racket greater inertia movement. With the IPS system of Yonex tennis racquets, players can perform precise shots.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • String pattern: 14 main lines / 15 crosses
  • Level of play: Junior
Racket length (inch) Head size ( 2 inch) Weight (g) Grip
21 85 195 0
23 98 210 0
25 110 245 0