RefEDGE GripCage - Bobbin holder for temporary foam (pack of 4)

$115.99 $127.96
  • Provides quick and easy access to the RefEDGE PRO can
  • Several possible operations, according to your preferences
  • Selling privileges for this product are limited in Canada. Any order outside of Canada will not be completed.

The patent pending GripCage ™ site is custom designed and manufactured for professionals. The design is versatile, easy to use and the fastest on the market. The GripCage accepts the RefEDGE PRO ™ in three different ways: slide it up, snap it straight to the side, or place the bottom of the box first and click the top vertically. Super easy and super fast - you don't even have to look at the case with a little practice. With the matching patent-pending VersiClip belt clip, the holster can be positioned in four ways: vertically locked, horizontally locked right, horizontally locked left, or swinging freely. The fastest spray case on the market - period. Stop fiddling around to bring your vaporizer home - use RefEDGE PRO ™ and GripCage ™ case instead. Perfectly fits the RefEDGE PRO ™ 3.2 oz. can perfectly. Comes with a VersiClip ™ belt clip included. Color matched to professional jerseys.