Wilson EZ Court - Temporary Pickleball Game Lines


The Temporary Game Lines EZ Court are the ultimate temporary line solution.

They are perfect for permanently painted-line places or for shorts whose Line Line is not an option. These lines are adapted to hard surfaces such as gym floors. They consist of a yellow vinyl highlighter light on one side and bumpy on the other.

The side with the bumps must be placed on the floor and does its best to hang on the hard ground. These do not stick to the ground and may move when they are affected.

This set includes 12 lines and 4 corners. Each line measures 13-1 / 2 "long and 2-7 / 8" wide; Each corner is 11-1 / 2 "long by side and 2-7 / 8" wide.

A packet includes two lines for each external limit of the pickleball ground, a line to mark the non-stolen area on each side of the net, a line to divide each side of the ground in half to show the line of the service center and a Corner room for each corner.

The short lines are a simple way to set up a pickleball game anywhere.